Buy Your Own No-Face Figurine Online

Buy Your Own No-Face Figurine Online

When the movie “Spirited Away” was released, people were intimidated by the character No Face. Ghibli Studio made a terrific attempt to recreate the human emotions with an almost faceless character. You can see that the No Face spirit roams around Chihiro and it seems like that he seeking some kind of approval from her.

After the movie was released, a lot of people gained certain likeness towards the character and wanted to know more about him. And as the people started looking for additional information, they made it so popular that its figurines were made too. If you don’t know much about the “Kaonashi”, then here you can read some details about the characters. After that, you’ll surely feel some kind of connection and you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying an action figure of No Face.

During the starting scenes, No face appeared in a semi-transparent state and keep on shifting in and out of visibility. Even his organs are visible and they keep on pulsating. It is unknown whether he had a physical body or not, it only resembles a long black tube. He developed an interest in Chihiro due to her sincerity.  As the character has the capability to swallow the positive and negative thoughts of others, it has a dual personality.

But with time, it grew close to Chihiro and even followed her orders. As the movie continues, No Face become more arrogant, loud, and selfish and he brings troubles everywhere he goes. As the end came close, No Face accepts apprentice to Zeniba who was also a witch. Ultimately, he decided to stay in a peaceful environment so that he can be happy without Chihiro.

As you can see, Studio Ghibli did a lot of work on the characters and their personalities. Unlike other characters of the movie that were inspired by real people, this character was entirely a figment of the imagination of the director. No Face had a purpose to speed up the story and the powers and traits he had were also fictional.

The director wanted a simple concept which has a balance between the good and evil. And the main focus was laid on the equality part. Every person has something good and bad inside. And No Face along with other characters represented that in the story. “Kaonashi is inside of everyone”-this was stated by the director and a message is given by him that it is vital to hold on to hearts instead of money. It is pretty impressive how the character portrayed a piece of every human and that’s why it connected with every viewer. And it is also one of the main reasons why the figurines are still that popular all around the world.


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