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12 in 1 Vegetable Fruit Slicer Dicer Cutter


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Make working in the kitchen easier & faster! with this chopper no longer will you have to chop and dice onions with all the crying, mess, odor, and clean-up. Just slice fruit, onion or any firm vegetable in two, set half on the stainless-steel blade, then close the top lid. Voila, your vegetable is now chopped, cut and stored easily for you. The cleaning tool conveniently removes foodstuffs between the pusher teeth or blades. Convenient, compact and highly functional, this kitchen tool is a must-have to make food preparation a cinch.


  • Cut your foods into different sizes works well for all vegetables and fruits; like carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, onions etc.
  • Clear chopping container keeps all your contents together and the airtight lid allows you to store the food easily
  • Slicer and grater plates included
  • Easy storage for when not in use
  • Save time when preparing your favourite foods
  • Added accessories for spherical foods
  • Cleaning button for ease in removing food remains
  • Non-slip base


Package Content:

Cutting insert with an integrated pin grid
Transparent receptacle (capacity 1500ML)
Cling-lid containers for collecting
Blade insert (6mm*6mm or 12mm*12mm)
Blade insert (6mm*36mm or 18mm*18mm)
Knife for quarters or eighths use
Stamp eights cutter
Partial coverage for all blade inserts
Professional peeler
Planers use with blade guard
Product holder with guide

—-Cash On Delivery Available / COD —-


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