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Handheld Portable Air Compressor


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Air Dragon Compressor is your own personal, portable pressure pump! This super-handy, hand-held air compressor is powered from the 12v outlet in your car so it’s always ready to go! Just plug air dragon into the 12v outlet socket in your car, set the psi you need and connect to any tyre, thanks to the extra-long 14ft cable that reaches even the biggest wheels. Then pull the trigger and stand back.It takes the fear and guesswork out of inflating your tyres because you can set the correct pressure and the ‘auto cut-off’ does the rest!


  • Portable and fits in your trunk
  • Built-in led light
  • Inflates tyres in minutes- it’s your handy roadside saviour!
  • Plugs into your 12-volt car outlet so no need to charge batteries
  • 14-foot power cable reaches all your tyres easily
  • Programmable digital psi display with ‘auto-cut’ off so you never over-inflate
  • Perfect for all those ‘holiday’ and outdoor inflatables
  • LED light takes the guesswork out of late night emergencies
  • High pressure hose, and additional balloon and ball adapter pins included

—-Cash On Delivery Available / COD —-


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